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The Submission Rules for this website are as follows:

(1)  All stories shall be fiction in nature. The author may use the words "true story" in the body text, but MUST be disclaimed in the disclaimer section of the story. Further, all standard disclaimers, that are required by the nifty archives are required here.


(2) The story shall be submitted as a Text document, and shall not contain excessive formating, shall be printed in 10-12 point font, and shall not contain fonts which are difficult to read.


(3) Stories shall be submitted to: . Submissions, in order to be considered, must have the word "Submission" in the subject line of the email.  No submission shall be part of the body of the email, but shall be attached as an attachment.


(4)This site is NOT for, and WILL NOT POST heterosexual stories, and all submissions shall be G/L/B/T oriented.  All stories NOT containing at least one (1) P/T (pre-teen) element will be posted under the category "Teens and Adults."  This website, and its owners, reserve the sole rights to clasifying the material within, and may reclassify, or remove material at any time, for any reason. you MUST USE AT LEAST ONE OF THE MAJOR CLASSIFICATION CODES.


(5) The Classification Codes shall be as follows:

P/T : pre-teen means at least one story element 05 to 12 years of age.

T-  shall mean at least one story element 0-4 years of age

TAA- shall mean any story element 13+ years of age, and does NOT qualify for codes P/T,T,

NS- Non-sexual stories. These stories do not involve a sex act of any type.


The Sub-Codes will be standard codes generally accepted, and.or the following.

Rp- Rape

 I - incest.

Cd- Transvestite, etc.

B- beastiality

C- Camping/outdoors

O- Other, not Specified here


(6) The submission rules will be construed in the brodest category possible, to the effect of preserving the first amendment to the constitution of the united states, which reads that "...congress shall pass no law abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press..."